Why Antibiotics Are Bad News for Your Health

Summer cold time is fast approaching, and with it, thousands, and perhaps millions, of people will be going to their doctor demanding a prescription for antibiotics.

With all our advanced technology, we still do not have a “cure” for the flu, or the common cold. Actually, we have no cure for any virus. Still, many doctors will cave in to their patient’s demands and write that prescription for antibiotics, even though they know full well that it won’t do a thing to help and may actually do harm.


Why should you avoid antibiotics when you know they will not work?

First, although it may seem like the direct opposite of what you think antibiotics dangerously disable your immune system. Your immune system is a miracle of nature when it is working at its best and most effective. It can both heal, and at the same time, prevent almost any disease that it comes across, including cancer.

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The diseases we are experiencing now are actually caused from our ineffective, compromised immune systems. Modern medicine does not seek to actually heal the disease itself, or even to look for its origin, it simply uses chemical “medicines” to cover the symptoms of disease. Unfortunately, these means usually do more harm than good. See also harmful side effects associated with painkillers.

Our immune systems have been compromised by our increasingly poor diet, exposure to toxins in our environment, along with the “medicines” we willingly take into our bodies.

The human immune system is an extremely complex system, with the digestive system being the heart. A minimum of 15 percent of your body weight come from the uncountable microbes, bacteria, and other organisms that mainly live within your gut. Maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria within the body is absolutely imperative to your immune system in order for it to function. Our immune systems have been critically weakened due to the now unbalanced ratio of good to bad bacteria.

It’s true that when antibiotics enter the body, they do kill off all the “bad” microorganisms. However, they also kill the good ones as well. So it’s pretty obvious that taking antibiotics is a serious contradiction in terms as they destroy the very bacteria that are supposed to protect us in the first place. Ladies, this is why you get a yeast infection near the end of your course of antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy the good bacteria that kill the yeast in your body and, as a result, the yeast is then able to run wild, reproducing without end.

About now you might be asking, “How can one repair and/or maintain a healthy immune system?” This can be done through a proper diet. As always, nature’s way is the best way. Eating all natural, healthy foods will produce a bacteria friendly digestive system. Read more about healing powers of a humble apple.

You may have heard foods touting that they contain probiotics. As you might have already guessed from the name, this means these foods contain the good bacteria, or microbes, that your digestive system should contain.

Eating just one cup of foods that contain probiotics is enough to keep your immune system healthy in every way, most especially when we are talking about the immune system. This is your best defense against modern day diseases.

There are a multitude of probiotic drinks as well as foods. Kombucha tea, fermented fruits and vegetables, as well as coconut kefir, just to name a few. These are all an easy, yet extremely effective way to keep your immune system up and running this summer, winter, and every season of the year.

You don’t have to visit a doctor to get a dose of antibiotics. You should also be aware that cattle are given a large amount of antibiotics on a very regular basis, right up until the day they are slaughtered. When you eat beef, especially if you eat it on a regular basis, then you are introducing antibiotics into your system without you even being aware of it. Find out other foods american eat that are banned. Eat red meat as a special occasion treat and always look for grass fed beef to lower your risk of introducing antibiotics into your body.