6 Easy Ways to Avoid Eating GMO’s


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The American people’s awareness of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in their food is becoming more and more apparent every day. More and more people are asking the important question, “If there are no labeling requirements, how can I know if the food I am buying contains GMO’s”. In order to help you determine, and avoid, GMO’s here are the 6 top ways you can keep GMO’s out of your kitchen and out of your body as well.


1. Avoid the Number 8

Check your fruits and vegetables carefully. If the PLU code on your produce begins with the number 8, then don’t buy it. Look for those with a 5 digit number beginning with the number of 9, which indicates that it’s organic.

Produce that has only a 4 digit number are conventional, which means they aren’t necessarily GMO, but they are subjected to toxic chemicals and pesticides.

In short, the produce you must avoid will have a 5 digit number that begins with the number 8. All these items are GMO. Read more how to avoid GMO foods in a grocery store.

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