7 Signs Of Skin Cancer That You Should Never Ignore (#4 Is Weird But True!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Even if you have none of the above risk factors, or if you have darker-colored skin, you can still develop skin cancer or melanoma. In fact, those with dark skin are at a disadvantage as most skin cancers, including the development of melanoma, are difficult to see until they have reached more advanced stages.

Finding this type of cancer early is the best way to avoid scarring and to stop melanoma before it reaches the bones or other organs.

Keep reading and find the top signs of skin cancer that you should never ignore.


1. A New Mole

Everyone has moles and most of them are harmless; however, after the age of 21, most people grow few, if any, new moles. If you suddenly begin to grow a new mole, especially if it is black in color, has an irregular outline (not circular in shape) or if it grows larger than six mm (about a quarter inch) in diameter, see your dermatologist.


2. Changes In A Mole’s Appearance

Any mole, birthmark, or other pigmented area that changes color, shape, size, or diameter can be a sign of skin cancer.  You should be especially aware of moles that change color from their normal color to another color, such as clear to brown or brown to black, or if it suddenly becomes multicolored. Also, moles that change to a scaly appearance or begin to bleed or ooze any type of liquid should be looked at by a doctor right away.


3. Unusual Spot on the Skin

Sometimes called the ugly duckling sign, any spot on your skin that appears to be different from all other spots might be cancerous. These spots can look harmless, but any spot that grows and does not look like any other spot on your body can be the early signs of skin cancer.

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