Add Beans To Your Diet For Amazing Health Benefits

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Safety tips for eating beans

Beans do not have any side effects, but there are a couple of factors to note when eating beans:

  • Make sure that you are not allergic to beans or other legumes. Bear in mind that if you are allergic to one type of bean, then you are more than likely to be allergic to others. Peanuts which are part of the legume family, are common allergens – as are soybeans. It would be better to avoid beans if you are prone to allergies, or perhaps consider allergy-testing.
  • Always cook beans before eating. Some beans contain a certain protein known as lectin which interfere with digestion, and may cause food poisoning. When beans are cooked, lectin is destroyed, and beans can be safely eaten.
  • Some folk suffer gas or a little intestinal disturbance when eating beans. This is not dangerous, and a digestive enzyme bought over-the-counter will help tremendously.

Adding beans to your diet will help you to get healthy and keep healthy – all due to the amazing health benefits of the humble bean.


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