Ancient Chinese Herb Keeps You Sober No Matter What

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Photo credit: bigstock

Still another test set the boozed up rats in a maze. Needless to say, drunken rats had no interest in completing the maze and most just lounged in a corner. After a dose of DHM, however, the rat’s interest returned and they walked through the maze at about the same rate as rats that were on the wagon.

The last test attempted to see if DHM could eliminate alcohol addiction in rats. Alcoholic rats were given a choice of drinking a mild sugar water solution or sweetened water combined with some alcohol. Over a 3 month time frame, the rats that were given daily doses of DHM drank only one quarter the amount of alcohol that rats who did not receive DHM drank.

If this compound works as well in humans as it does in rats, DHM would be a fantastic tool in the fight against alcoholism. However, not everyone is touting the effects of this drug. Some feel that this will only lead to more drinking, not less, as knowing that there is an “antidote” to alcohol, people will feel free to consume more alcohol than they would normally, knowing that they won’t have to suffer from a hangover later or that they could almost instantly stop the effects of alcohol, such as falling down and singing karaoke.

Although it’s true that drinkers could become thoroughly drunk, and then take a pill before they head home and hangovers would no longer be a deterrent, but for those who are in a daily struggle to fight alcohol addiction, this could be a godsend.

There is something people should be aware of, should this pill hit the market soon. Although it may not make you feel drunk, you will still have alcohol in your blood, and so if you are stopped in your car, you will still register as legally drunk so you will still need a designated driver. Also, alcohol is a diuretic, so you will still become dehydrated. See other reasons for dehydration.

So the bottom line here is that although it’s not a panacea, it can be remarkably effective to help fight liver disease, and alcoholism. But using DHM and drinking more than you normally would is simply detrimental to your health.


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