Are Your Candles Toxic?

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Tips for Safer Candle Use

  • Do not buy cheap candles at the dollar store or similar places, especially if the ingredients are not labeled
  • Do not buy candles imported from China
  • Consider using a candle warmer as opposed to lighting
  • If you do choose to light the wick, make sure it is trimmed down to 1/4”before doing so
  • NEVER use candles with lead wicks
  • Make sure there is ventilation in the room where the candle is used


Candle Alternatives

The absolute safest way to avoid the risks of candle smoke is to simply not use them at all. But since scented candles remain in high demand, alternatives have been developed which provide the same aromatic benefits without releasing smoke into the immediate environment. Consider using a diffuser which releases essential oil fragrances. Since nothing is being burned, there is no risk of a fire, and diffusers have the added advantage of acting as a miniature humidifier for the room, since it releases scented water vapor rather than smoke. This could be a selling point for those living in arid climates or for use during the dry winter months.

A diffuser also can be refilled and lasts for a long time, so over the years you could be saving money by going this route instead of continually replacing candles.


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Regardless of which option you chose, you now have all the knowledge you need to avoid the toxic chemicals in common candles. Pick the candle or diffuser that’s right for you and enjoy the scented and healthy ambience in your home.


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