Is There Any Harm In Synthetic Vitamins?

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What Can You Do Instead of Taking Vitamins?

Many people feel that they need supplements to ensure that they are getting all the right vitamins in all the right doses. The truth of the matter is that just one orange can give you the complete recommended dose that is required for vitamin C in a day. A statement from the Annals of Internal Medicine confirms this belief with this statement: “Consumption of a wide variety of nutritious foods is the best way to maintain health and prevent chronic disease.”
Here are some nutrients and the foods you can eat to give them to your body naturally.

1. Omega-3 fatty acids

An intake of around 8 ounces per week of fatty fish will equal about 250 mg of EPA and DHA each day. Chia seeds, ground flax, and walnuts are also high in omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Vitamin C

Besides oranges, you should include broccoli, raspberries, bell peppers, and kiwi in your regular diet.

3. Iron

Good sources of iron are meat, fish, poultry, fortified cereal, dark leafy greens and beans.

4. Vitamin D

Sitting outside for just 15 minutes a day can boost your vitamin D naturally. Food wise include orange juice or milk that has vitamin D added, eggs, fish, cereal and soymilk.

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