Do You Wake Up At The Same Time Every Night? Here Are Some Surprising Reasons Why

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If you find yourself waking up every night at the same time, you are not alone. After you woke up the first night at 3:00 a.m., you probably didn’t think anything of it. And the next night when you woke up at exactly the same time, you probably just thought it was a little weird. By the third night, you may have started wondering if you were every going to sleep through the night again.

There are many reasons why we wake up during the night. In fact, most people don’t sleep a full eight hours without waking up at all. We wake up to go to the bathroom, we may be stressed out, we have a bad dream, or we have an upset stomach. These are all conditions that you have control over and can resolve. It is when you wake up at the same time every night that it becomes an unusual situation. There are many explanations for this syndrome. Read some of the following reasons this happens and you may find the one that best pertains to your situation.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, we unknowingly hold our bodies to a subconscious clock that keeps track of our energy meridians. These meridians keep track of our blood supply, fluids, and the quality and levels of our energy, or Qi. This clock revolves around your bodily functions every two hours with each segment representing a different organ or emotional state.


From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Most people try to get to bed during this time period, so if you fall asleep right away and wake right back up, you may be experiencing stress. It could also be your immune system trying to let you know that it is feeling compromised and you should be careful.

Solution: Try a guided meditation tape so you can gently relax and get back to a sound sleep. Stressful situations are not helped by a bad night’s sleep.

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