Doing a Detox is Imperative: Are You Doing it Right?

Superfood Detox Diet

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Detox, most people have a very definite opinion on what that word means. To some, they think of drug rehab, to others it’s just another buzzword, still others think it’s some sort of starvation diet. None of these are correct, however. Detox should be thought of as a purge. We want to purge our bodies of all the chemicals we are exposed to, and consume, daily.

Think about it. We live in a world today that is simply overflowing with all sorts of chemicals. It’s almost impossible to escape them. Chemicals and pollutants are in our water, the air, our food, and almost everything we touch on a daily basis. We shower with products that are filled with chemicals, use more chemicals so we either won’t smell bad or so we will smell good.

We can get parasites and pesticides from our food. Our bodies store more and more mercury, lead, and other types of heavy metals that we are exposed to. We drive cars that are made with toxins and emit toxic gasses. Even our furniture is full of toxic chemicals and materials.

With all these foreign pollutants in our bodies, is it any wonder that our body’s natural detoxification system is overworked?

According to government funded public health reviews:

Detox helps our bodies to cleanse themselves of these foreign substances, along with excess waste, in order for the body to return to optimal healthy body functions, as well as healing.

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