Find More Joy And Feel Happy With These 5 Easy Tips

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Everyone wants to be happy and to feel joy in their lives, right? Of course, this means different things to different people, but sometimes it can be pretty difficult to find happiness. Life can throw us some pretty tough turns and sometimes, those twists and turns can make us lose sight of how to just be simply happy.

Someone once said that the main goal behind every goal is to find happiness. Most people would agree with that, but when we simply choose to be happy, life just seems to flow more easily. Ever notice how when you are feeling happy, everyone around you seems to feel happier? Being happy is not just good for us, but for everyone around us.

One of the best presents you could ever give someone is your own happiness. Think of happiness like a virus: You spread it to everyone, every minute, everywhere you go. Of course, this is a virus everyone wants, unlike most viruses!

Now this doesn’t mean we need to be little Miss.or Mr. Sunshine all day every day. Sometimes, life sucks. The trick is to acknowledge that and then move on.

The following is a short list of tips or tools you can use so that you can feel happier, even when things aren’t so great.


1. Be Present

When we live our lives in the past, or in the future, it is impossible to feel happiness because those feelings exist in the present. When we are living in the present, we can allow ourselves to feel happy. Of course, everyone has regrets or things we would like to change about the past, but regardless of how deeply you might feel those things, you cannot change them. It’s done, so let it go. Make a silent promise that you will learn from those things, but then move on. Also, some people tend to live in the future with thoughts such as “Once I lose X number of pounds, I will be happy” or “After I get that promotion” or “After we get married, we will be happy”. There isn’t anything wrong with looking forward to the future, but make your life happy now because no one is promised tomorrow.

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