Top Signs You Worry Way Too Much

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Are you a worrier? Someone once said that worrying was a lot like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn’t really accomplish anything.

We understand what life is like today. Worry can literally take over our lives if we let it. Once you let your mind wander, you start to think about your retirement fund or lack of one, the bills, housekeeping chores, the kid’s math scores, the car insurance, your upcoming project and difficult boss … On and on and on it goes.

Of course, worrying to some extent is normal. Who wouldn’t worry if their child was taken to the hospital or they you suddenly were to lose their job? These are normal and very real concerns where worrying can actually help you come up with a possible solution or outcome. However, when worrying becomes incessant or chronic; when it is upsetting you daily to the point that it is either interrupting your life or making life unpleasant — such as causing headaches, irritability, or indigestion — it’s time to do something.

Worry is one of those double-edged swords that can send you to the bottom of a sea of doom or catapult you to a land of opportunity. It all depends on how you use it. Chainsaws can cut wood to build homes and keep you warm, or they can cut off your limbs! It’s all in how you use it, correct?

It’s time to stop letting worry cut off your limbs! Let’s take a look at the top five signs that you are worrying way too much!


1. You Have A Hard Time Falling Asleep

Worry can cause your thoughts to race out of control, non-stop, without giving your body a chance to rest. Most people who worry too much do not get the rest they need. Duke University researchers found that insomnia not only causes some people to become worried, anxious and depressed, but those who are worried, anxious and depressed often suffer from insomnia. When feelings of anxiety and racing, worried thoughts about the future keep you up at night, it takes a terrible toll on your overall health.

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