Top Signs You Worry Way Too Much

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2. You Have Frequent Or Recurring Health Problems

This is because excessive worry causes inflammation. Inflammation leads to a wide variety of health problems, including sore muscles, stiff joints, a weaker immune system, and high blood pressure – just to name a few. If you find that you are sick frequently or if you have recurring problems in one particular area, chances are that your frantic, worried thoughts are the true root cause.


3. You Don’t Know The Meaning Of “Relax”

Not literally, of course; but you don’t seem to be able to relax. Although everyone goes through stressful, worrisome periods in their lives, stress can be a learning tool. When we are under stress, we are forced to make those tough decisions. This can help us learn lessons quickly and transform ourselves into better individuals. However, when stress is chronic, even very small upsets in your life can cause you to explode and overreact. This is usually a sure sign that you have turned into a chronic worrier or that you have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). About 3.1 percent of the American population suffers from this problem, so you are not alone, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

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