Five Items You Never Imagined That You Could Recycle!

Video Games, DVD’s, and CD’s.

Video Games, DVD’s, and CD’s.

2. Video Games, DVD’s, and CD’s.

Almost all optical discs, such as DVD’s, CD’s, and games for video systems such as Wii are made up mostly of simple plastic. This includes rewritable discs. If you have discs that contain any personal information, you should always break up the disc first to be certain that it cannot be read in any way, shape or form. While many people think these discs are simply trash, Best Buy has a program that accepts all types of discs for recycling. If you don’t have a Best Buy near you, you can box up small amounts and mail them to the CD Recycling Center of America in Salem, New Hampshire. Yes, this will cost you a few bucks, but think of how good it will make you feel! Don’t mail things like paper sleeves or plastic cases. Those items can be placed in your regular garbage recycling can.

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