Five Items You Never Imagined That You Could Recycle!

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Everyone wants to go green and reduce their carbon footprint, but there are times when it seems as if you have no other choice than to dump something in the trash to head off to your local landfill.

The main problem with landfills is that all these things that end up there don’t really biodegrade. Worse still, they simply sit there, turning into a chemical nightmare that eventually leeches into the soil and sometimes ends up in groundwater. It can take hundreds of years for some items to decompose or at least break up into tiny enough pieces. In the meantime, we are producing thousands of tons of more junk.

Next time, before you toss something that you think cannot be reused or recycled, you should check out the internet and be 100 percent certain of that.

In fact, keep reading! We are going to fill you in on five items that everyone thinks are garbage, but can actually be recycled.

Of course, different cities and counties have different laws in place. Occasionally, there are systems set up that help to deal with items that need to be disposed of properly, or need special handling before being sent to recycling centers. Always check with your county, city, or state to see if there are programs for items like old electronics and paint.

Otherwise, here are five items that can be recycled by third party organizations or companies that you might not have realized existed.


1. Household Appliances

All of our modern day conveniences, including dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, washers and dryers all reach the end of their natural lives at one time or another no matter how hard you might try to repair them. Most people find that eventually repairs cost more than a new appliance or parts become unavailable. When you buy a new appliance, see if the company you are buying from will pick up and send your old unit off to be recycled. As we said, some local municipalities have appliance pick-ups, so check with your city or county services if the company you are buying from will not send your unit off for recycling. If all else fails, you can try the Steel Recycling Institute, which has a database of locations where you can drop off your old appliances and other kinds of scrap metal for recycling. The only drawback to this is that you need to deliver the item, but chances are you know someone who owns a pickup truck!

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