Got Gout? We Have Answers! 7 Ways To Prevent It And Get Rid Of It!

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6. Cherries

Cherries are good for gout as they contain anthocyanins, which have powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. This makes them the perfect anti-gout food! Research has shown that cherries can lower uric acid in the blood. Although the amount of cherries that you should consume varies depending on the severity of the problem and your body weight, most people find that 10 to 40 fresh cherries each day help prevent attacks. If cherries are no longer in season, you can also consume cherry extract or drink eight to 16 ounces of pure cherry juice each day. If you have gout now, you should eat 30 to 40 cherries every four hours to stop the attack. Speak with your doctor as to the proper dosage if you choose to consume a cherry extract.


Dangers of Recurring Gout Attacks

Most folks think of gout as a painful episode, similar to a torn muscle, that passes in time but that does no real harm. This is not the case. Some of the risks of continued gout attacks are:

  • Recurring gout can lead to permanent and serious damage to the joints
  • It can cause serious damage to the kidneys and can lead to painful kidney stones
  • It has been linked to a higher risk of developing heart disease
  • Recurring gout attacks have also been linked to a higher risk of stroke
  • Some studies have even linked recurring gout attacks with a higher risk of death, from any cause!

This is why it is so important that you get gout and high levels of uric acid in the blood under control as quickly as possible.


Foods to Avoid

There are certain foods and drinks you should avoid if you suffer from recurring gout attacks including:

  • Alcohol (beer is especially bad)
  • Fatty red meats
  • Fat from poultry, such as the skin or dark meat
  • Scallops and mussels
  • Vegetable oils
  • Full fat dairy products
  • Junk foods like potato chips
  • Fried foods such as French fries
  • Fast food


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As you might have noticed, fat is something you should avoid if you have had gout attacks in the past. Eat a more natural diet, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and less processed foods to avoid gout.


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