How Can You Tell If Your Olive Oil Is Fake?

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How to tell if your olive oil is fake?

1. Only buy olive oil that is sold in dark bottles. Clear or light-colored glass bottles do not protect the oil from oxidizing. Once you get your olive oil make sure that you store it in a dark place.

2. Check to see what the harvesting date was on the label. Always try to avoid buying any product that is more than two years old.

3. Don’t bother buying a blend or a light version of olive oil. Only virgin olive oil will be a quality product.

4. Realize that you are going to get what you pay for. If the price of the extra virgin olive oil is less than $10 for a liter, chances are you’re not getting the real thing.

5. If it is authentic, it should have a seal on the bottle. Here are some of the organizations you should look for:

    • The International Olive Oil Council.
    • Denominazione d’Origine Protette from Italy
    • The California Olive Oil Council
    • Appellation d’Origine Controlee from France
    • Denomination of Origin throughout Europe

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