How Hops Can Effectively Fight Menopause And Breast Cancer

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Studies Show Hops Cuts Down the Chances of Breast Cancer

The other area that hops have been found to help with is breast cancer. Each year more than 245,000 women will come down with breast cancer. When a woman begins to experience a change in the amount of estrogen in her body, she has a higher chance of developing breast cancer. The University of Illinois was able to prove that Hops was able to inhibit, and even prevent, the expansion and growth of breast cancer.

Researchers have also been checking the extract of hops to see how they interact with cells from breast cancer. Once again, they found out that the prenylnaringenin called 6 prenylnaringenins, also known as 6-PN, creates an area in the mammary cells so that any possible breast cancer cells are not able to develop. It has also been shown to cut down on the risk of even getting breast cancer.

The 8-prenylnarigenin compound, or 8-PN, also works on eliminating breast cancer. It is not as strong as 6-PN so all it does is lowers the activity metabolically in the breast cancer cells. Many other strong compounds, such as xanthohumol and isoxanthohumol, were also tested and found they interfere with the estrogen receptor and “help defer estrogen-related dysfunction.”

While the entire hops herb strongly fights to eliminate the chances of breast cancer from growing, researchers are trying to break it down to find a smaller part of the extract that is just as effective on its own.

Another thing that was discovered was that the development of breast cancer was strongly related to hormone replacement. This was popular from 1980 to 1990. Once the popularity of hormone replacement began to drop, so did the rate of breast cancer patients.


How Do You Take Hops Extract?

If you are interested in taking the hops extract don’t think that sitting around getting drunk on beer is going to do it. All you have to do is go to a health food store and ask about a supplement you can take in either a liquid form or capsule. In addition to treating your menopause symptoms and preventing you from getting breast cancer, the hops extract can help you be less nervous, eliminate some of the pain you may have in your joints, and help you get a good night’s sleep.


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When you find a store that sells them, check with the health food clerk to find out the correct dosage to take for each situation. Always take the correct amount for treating your menopause as well as to protect you from getting breast cancer.


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