Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite: 3 Major Causes and Topical Solutions to Keep under Control

Cellulite is nearly inevitable for women. According to Wikipedia 8-9 out of 10 women at different stages of their lives suffer from cellulite. Shops and drugstores offer a number of anti-cellulite creams and gels just over the counter, but there are natural ways to get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite is the condition which makes the skin look dimpled. It is usually found in the thigh, hip, buttock and occasionally arm areas. Cellulite forms under the skin in the fat layers. The structure of the fat layers is arranged in the way that if, for different reasons, the fat cells increase and swell, they cannot spread horizontally and move up to the surface of the skin.

1. Excessive fats and related solutions

Cellulite is nothing but the disposition of fats. Unhealthy diet, alcohol, inactive daily routines stimulate the developing of the orange skin. If you look for the natural ways to get rid of cellulite, scroll down to learn the tips that will help.

  • Manage your weight.
  • Massage the trouble-causing zones regularly.
  • Improve metabolic processes in your body.
  • Decrease the amounts of fatty and junk food in your diet.
  • Reduce sugars. Take natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup instead of refined sugar.
  • Do not abuse alcohol and coffee.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Be active and positive.


get rid of cellulite naturally

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2. Estrogen and related solutions

According to www.cellulitetreatment.orgscientists have their own view to the causes of cellulite and point out to the female hormone called estrogen as the possible reason of cellulite appearance. No wonder that the times most commonly associated with cellulite development are puberty, menopause, and pregnancy. On one hand, estrogen furthers the development of fat cells in the areas of breast, hips, and thighs, and thus it is needed to ensure a desirable sandglass shape and add femininity to the look. On the other hand, any imbalance (deficiency, excess or jumps) of estrogens leads to the violation of the hormone level and blood circulation and difficulties in the oxygen inflow, causing uneven distribution of the fat tissues under the skin. What are the natural ways to get rid of cellulite in association with the hormone imbalance?

  • Do not skip breakfasts. After sleep your body needs support to keep functioning in the proper way. If you skip breakfasts, you make your body reorganize its priorities which may result in the leaps in the hormonal levels. As an option for breakfast, consider the products which are rich in useful fats, like avocado, fish, eggs, chicken or turkey breast. If you are organized enough to make a salad for breakfast, then why not dressing the salad with a few spoons of any natural oil? Otherwise, just stir a spoon of the coconut oil into your tea or any other drink you prefer. Following these advices, you ensure the needed and useful building blocks for your body. Remember, that at 11 in the morning (as well as in the evening) your body starts all its vital processes. Make sure your meals are regular and balanced as well.
  • Ensure that the foods are organic or at least safe. Be very cautious about the products which come from animals, such as meat, diary, eggs, etc. Animals could have been fed with chemicals, and any chemicals alien to your body will lead to the unhealthy imbalance.
  • If you use the contraceptives, make sure they are selected properly for you by the professional. If a particular contraceptive works perfectly well and causes no side-effects to your sister, it does not mean that it will be superb to help you.
  • Eliminate stress and worry. Trying to cope with the stress, your body starts producing some hormones more than the others, this helps you to fight the stress, but it harms your hormonal balance. Do not stress out and try to take things easily. For instance, if your work is related to constant stress, forget the work issues straight after you exit the office. Remember, the less stress you experience – the more able you are to tackle your life difficulties.


3. Blood circulation and related solutions

The third cause of cellulite is the blood circulatory disturbance. In case of cellulite the fat cells gather and make the delivery of the oxygen and blood to the tissues more complicated. It leads to the stagnant processes in the cellulite areas. Consider the following advices with regard to the circulation.

  • Avoid sitting with your legs crossed. It complicates the delivery of the oxygen-enriched blood from your heart to the extremities.
  • Stretch your body every now and again. A quick shake of legs and arms is simple enough but is good for the blood circulation.
  • Tackle your varicose veins problems. Varicose veins provoke the development of cellulite, which complicates the flow of the venous blood, which in its turn leads to bigger varicose veins.
  • Wear the high-heeled footwear wisely. When you were the high-heeled shoes, you walk in the manner unnatural to your body.
  • Avoid skintight clothes. Tight clothes worsen the ability of the skin to ‘breathe’. It may also pinch your body and obstruct the blood flow. If you cannot avoid wearing such type of garments, opt for the ones made of the natural materials at least.

Cellulite is not a mere cosmetic issue; it is a serious sign of the health problems. Cellulite should be treated and can be cured. It is worth trying the natural ways to get rid of cellulite in order to avoid any health complication in the future.