The Shocking Things Inside Your Home That are Making You Sick

Hand drawing the symbol for the chemical element radon

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There really is nothing like home sweet home. Every living creature on earth wants a home to feel warm and dry, safe and secure, and while many of us spend untold hours cleaning them to be sure they are healthy as well as enjoyable, there are things some of us overlook that are not only nasty, but might be making you and your family downright sick.

Every house is different, but whether you live in a 1920’s bungalow or a 2012 apartment, there are some things inside your home that might be making you sick as a dog. Keep reading to find out the top everyday things inside your home that might be changing home sweet home into home sick home.


1. Radon Gas

This is a hard one for many people because radon is odorless and invisible and it can be leaking into your home without you ever knowing it. Radon gas increases the risk of lung cancer and other breathing issues. Radon tests are available almost everywhere and are very inexpensive.

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