Surprising List Of 10 Vegetables That Are Rich In Calcium

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2. Broccoli.

This is a green plant of the cabbage family whose large flowering head is eaten as a vegetable. Among other vitamins and nutrients, broccoli possesses calcium as well.


3. Collard Greens.

This is a kind of loose leaf plant which is also one of the vegetables rich in calcium. The name collard was taken from the name ‘‘colewort’’ which means the wild cabbage plant. It is similar to Kale and they are grown for their large and dark colored appearance as a garden ornamental, and of course its edibility.


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4. Kale.

This is also a vegetable with an excellent source of calcium. Kale contains over forty-five different flavonoids having very potent antioxidant benefits. The 100 gram serving of the vegetable is capable of offering about 139mg of absorbable calcium in consumption.


5. Turnip Greens.

This is a root vegetable that is normally grown in the temperate regions because of its white bulbous tap root. They are a good source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin K.


6. Okra.

This is a plant of the mallow family. In some English speaking countries, it is known as the ‘‘ladies’ finger’’ or ‘O’’ It has calcium 100g per cup, and eight pods of it can have 95g of calcium.

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