The Benefits of Drinking Cucumber Water and 4 Delicious Ways to Make It!

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Cucumbers can help to keep your blood pressure in check. Cucumbers have potassium, which binds to salt and removes it from the body, which will naturally lower your blood pressure. Cucumbers have no sodium, so drinking cucumber water won’t contribute to hypertension if you have a problem with it.

Also, if you are looking to drop a few pounds, cucumber water might help you to do exactly that. Drinking a glass of cucumber flavored water can help to curb your appetite between meals, and drinking a glass before every meal will fill you up so that you naturally eat less.

So while you are losing some weight, cucumber water will also go a long way towards making you look younger. It’s true! Cucumbers contain a compound called silica, which is super beneficial to the skin and hair. Silica can calm irritation and inflammation, stopping acne and red blotches from the inside out.

By drinking cucumber water every day you can also detox your body a little bit with each glass so that toxins don’t have a chance to accumulate. Think of cucumber water as a daily maintenance that can keep you feeling clean and energized all year long!

Perhaps the best reason of all for drinking cucumber water is its anti-cancer compounds. Cucumbers contain unique polyphenols called lignans, which have been shown in studies to be associated with a lower risk of heart disease as well as protection from certain cancers including ovarian, prostate, uterine, and breast cancer. Although the research that has been done is still in its preliminary stages, being mainly tested on animals, but pharmaceutical companies are already actively looking at one compound that cucumbers contain, a compound called curcurbitacin, in hopes that research will enable them to develop an anti-cancer drug. Scientists have already found that cancer has different signaling pathways that are essential for cancer cell development and survival and that these pathways are blocked by the curcurbitacin cucumbers contain.

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