15 Super Foods That Will Keep Your Brain And Memory Razor Sharp

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

In 2016, there were approximately 5.4 million people in this country that were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Almost all were over the age of 65. While there are no proven ways to keep you from getting dementia, there are things you can do to lower your risk of getting it, such as keeping your blood pressure down, eliminating alcohol and smoking from your life, exercising daily, and eating a healthier diet. Here are some foods that you can incorporate into your regular routine that will help sharpen your brain and improve your memory.


1. Rosemary

This tasty herb contains carnosic acid which keeps the brain from neurodegeneration. Because it is an antioxidant it keeps the free radicals away from the brain. These free radicals are what cause the neurodegeneration in the first place. Rosemary also helps prevent strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, and the regular aging of the brain as we grow older. Try it on steaks and red potatoes.


2. Spinach

Spinach falls into the dark green leafy vegetable category. You can always alternate romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, or kale if you are not fond of spinach. A study of 950 older adults took into consideration family history, education, and age and still found that those who ate at least one serving of these green veggies at least once a day had less mental deterioration compared to people who did not consume them at all. Try spinach sautéed in olive oil and garlic or a spinach salad.

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