The Unbelievable Amount of Mistakes Being Made in the Dallas Ebola Case


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Photos coming to us from a local news channel and CNN look as if there was a vomit cleanup attempt in the parking lot of the apartment building where Ebola patient Thomas Duncan lived.

Local media in Dallas has reported that Duncan was vomiting out on the sidewalk and parking lot outside his home while waiting for paramedics and an ambulance to transport him to a local Dallas hospital and later diagnosed with Ebola. Vomiting is one of the symptoms of Ebola. The vomit is highly infectious and can easily spread this deadly virus to others.

The CDC, even though they continue to lie about how this disease is spread, will even admit that body fluids, such as vomit, can spread the disease.

Take a look at the following pictures that appear to show a clean-up crew using a power washer to clean the vomit off the sidewalk and parking lot area and wearing absolutely no protective gear, not even a face mask!

If you have ever used a power washer you know that the spray can travel a great distance and when you are washing down concrete, you can guarantee that this vomit is going to go airborne and tiny particles will be flying everywhere! Even if they decide to clean this area with bleach, shouldn’t the workers be wearing some type of protective face mask at the very least?

Another photo clearly shows someone, possibly a neighbor, walking by as they are power washing the area. Isn’t this woman concerned about contamination? Even if the woman in the picture was unaware that they were cleaning up after an Ebola patient, isn’t anyone looking out for the general public?

These photos were taken by ABC affiliate WFAA channel 8, you can check out their original pictures here:

Another picture from James Breeden of Splash News shows what appears to be the Red Cross, delivering food to the quarantined Duncan family. Take a closer look at the Red Cross; they are wearing no protective gear either.

The incompetence of these qualified people, the people that health authorities want us to believe are going to keep Ebola under control, is simply staggering. If it’s not incompetence, then it’s deliberate. How else can you explain isolating a family inside their apartment that is obviously infected with Ebola, and then turning away clean-up crews for lack of a permit? How can you justify cleaning vomit off the sidewalk with a power sprayer and allowing people to walk through the area?

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Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

This pandemic is just steps away from becoming a hellish nightmare and what is Dallas concerned with? A permit! Due to lack of piece of paper, the hazmat clean-up crew had to wait to remove the infected bedding, towels, clothes, and anything else he might have infected, such as the carpet, because they didn’t have the proper permit! Although Duncan is quarantined at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, his family members, including his 20 month old nephew, are locked inside their contaminated apartment at gunpoint. Where is the logic in this? Why weren’t family members removed and quarantined in a clean location and this apartment sealed until it could be disinfected?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, frequently featured on CNN, admitted that Ebola can live outside the body on surfaces such as clothes, towels, door knobs, and ATM keypads for hours, or perhaps days, which means just one speck of this virus left behind somewhere can infect new people.

This apartment must be contaminated as Duncan was already showing symptoms the first time he went to the hospital, and when the ambulance came for him he was already very, very sick. It’s a pity that no one listened to him, not his family, not even after he told the nurse in the hospital that he had been to Liberia! Apparently, everyone really believed the President when he said that Ebola would never make it to US soil. Duncan was not even quarantined until September 30th!

Finally, a private company, Cleaning Guys, has accepted the task of cleaning and disinfecting, along with the removal of hazardous materials, from the apartment Duncan shared with his girlfriend and three children. The hazardous materials were placed in hazardous waste bags but, an employee at Cleaning Guys, Brad Smith, stated that they could not move the bags because they needed a special permit to move this kind of hazardous waste on public highways. Dr. David Lakeyn from the Texas State Department of Health, at a news conference admitted that even specialized hazmat teams don’t have these kinds of permits for the transportation and disposal of contaminated items. Why should bureaucratic red tape and BS paperwork be holding up a vital cleanup effort? Why doesn’t someone call the Governor and ask him to issue an emergency permit? Why are people so concerned about a piece of paper when we are talking about a pandemic of this magnitude? If those contaminated items should break open or somehow infect more people and this virus is allowed to roam free because of this, many, many people are going to be wondering why everyone was so concerned about a piece of paper.

Believe it or not it’s the Department of Transportation who is holding up the effort to remove contaminated items. DOT forbids items contaminated with Ebola from being moved on highways because it’s classified as a Category A agent. CDC rules allow Ebola contaminated waste to be disposed of along with regular medical waste, but the CDC and DOT don’t agree on how to remove items, such as towel and sheets, that have been contaminated from a private location. Meanwhile the government wants us to believe that they have everything under control and that they are absolutely prepared to handle this killer virus. Really? They can’t even come to an agreement about how to move contaminated items!

We know that when Duncan first when to the hospital, he was showing early signs of the Ebola virus. The doctors told him that they believed he had the flu or some other type of virus; they gave him antibiotics and sent him home.

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Ebola Outbreak

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Why would educated doctors at a major metropolitan hospital give someone antibiotics if they believed this person had a virus since antibiotics don’t work against viruses? They ignored the information he gave them, that he had been in Liberia, then gave him antibiotics that are useless against any virus. These are the same people who are trained in isolation procedures that we are trusting to keep this virus from spreading?

Giving this patient antibiotics, that don’t work against Ebola or any other virus, is a perfect example of why we are dealing with superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. This is also the type of logic modern medicine is using, the abuse of antibiotics, that might just spark another type of global pandemic.

As many as 100 people are now being actively and closely monitored after being in some type of contact with this Ebola patient. Even after Duncan told the nurse at the hospital that he had been to Liberia, this information was dismissed, and they sent Mr. Duncan away with an antibiotic prescription in his hand, and he returned to his apartment, with the ability to infect every single person he had contact with along the way. It’s unknown at this time if Mr. Duncan actually took the antibiotics he was given, but if he did, he soon found out that it did nothing to help his condition, and in the meantime, he contributed to our superbug epidemic.

In 2010 the CDC finally admitted that the misuse and abuse of antibiotics was a huge problem in the US. They launched a huge campaign that was designed to educate the public and health officials, including doctors and hospitals. Apparently this doctor did not get the message.

One of our problems is that drug companies are pushing antibiotics for conditions that won’t benefit from their use, which, obviously, now includes Ebola. The wasteful use of antibiotics has created a world in which fast acting and mutating microbes now have the upper hand.

No matter how you look at it, our first case of Ebola in America has been bungled at every single turn. Trust the authorities to take care of this issue? Not on your life! If you haven’t already done so, a word to the wise; get ready and be prepared!