Top 10 High Yield Crops to Plant

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If you are lucky enough to have plenty of yard space, then a good sized garden can provide you with plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs right up until the frost hits. If you practice canning, freezing, or even drying, then you can continue to have garden fresh veggies all winter long.

Unfortunately, many of us aren’t so lucky and have limited space. So why not get the most produce for your seed or seedling dollar? We have a list of 10 of the best vegetables to plant this spring. All are easy to grow, many can be grown vertically (to save on space), and all have super high yields, so you get lots of veggies for the money, not to mention space.

Now this list isn’t meant to be all inclusive. Depending on where you live, some of these plants simply won’t grow (or grow well) in your area and not everyone likes every vegetable. So look through the list and pick out your favorites, and ask at a local garden center which can be grown in your area or do a little research online.


1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers need space to climb, which makes them great in a vertical garden. You can put them right up against a wall, or make a trellis for them to climb up. If you are really tight on space and want to put them in a container, no problem! Buy varieties that say they are compact or “bush” varieties. These vines only spread a few feet. You might also want to think about placing a few onions near or around your cucumber plants as studies show that not only will onions keep soil bacteria and insects away, but they increase the cucumber plants overall yield.  No matter how you grow them, you are going to end up with more cukes than you can possibly eat, freeze, or pickle!


2.  Squash

If you don’t pay attention to your squash plants, they can overtake your entire garden in one season! This is why squash is a great plant to grow vertically. Squash are one of those super over productive plants that are going to give you tons of squash, no matter which type you want to grow, and there are so many different kinds! Zucchini, summer squash, winter squash, you name it! Your neighbors will be hiding from you after a while because they are afraid you are going to give them yet another bag of squash from your garden!


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3. Beans

We don’t mean green beans, we mean black, white, or pinto beans, the kind you can dry and use all year round. These are a staple you will really appreciate later on in the year. In fact, when stored properly, beans can last for years! This is a great way to stretch the family budget and if you are a prepper, you can store your beans almost forever. Depending on the variety you choose, beans can produce about 3 to 5 pounds per 100 square feet! Many beans are natural climbers, so rig up a trellis and let them go to town!

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