Top 12 Garden Hacks For Your Most Successful Garden Ever!

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5.  Protect Seedlings from Frost

If you have planted your seedlings and later find that you are going to have some unexpected frost, simply cover them with an inverted terra cotta pot. Just remember to uncover them as soon as the weather warms up!  If you have long rows of plants and can’t possibly put pots over every seedling, a sheet will work in a pinch. A sheet will be light enough so that it shouldn’t crush the plant but it will offer some protection. Put rocks on the corners so it won’t fly away!


6.  Deep Watering

Find some 1 liter BPA-free plastic bottles and, using a knife or an ice pick, poke holes all around it. Bury it in between your plants with just the top sticking out of the ground. You can pour water in the bottle for some really deep root watering.


7.  Get Your Seeds Started Quickly

Many seeds have a very hard, protective coating on them and it takes days, sometimes weeks, for that coating to wear down so that the seed can germinate. You can shorten germination time by soaking those seeds in water overnight and helping them to get a head start.


8. Go Vertical!

If you don’t have much gardening space, or if you want to make the most of your space, go vertical. Many vegetables will climb up a trellis if you provide one. You can even plant many vegetables in large pots or whiskey barrel halves and provide a tomato cage or other type of support and still get plenty of vegetables while using very little space.

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