12 Natural Ways To Kill Head Lice (It’s Disgusting, But It Happens!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Head lice. Almost every parent on the planet will have to deal with it at one time or another. It has nothing to do with cleanliness; lice are tiny parasites that live in the hair. They are simply looking for a safe place to lay eggs and get a nice juicy meal of blood. They don’t care if your hair is dirty or clean, short or long, thick or thin.

You get lice from coming into direct contact with an infected person’s hair, sharing things like towels or hairbrushes, or wearing hats or scarves from an infected person. You cannot get them from contact with animals. Lice don’t like to live in fur; they are only interested in hair. Human hair.

The most typical sign of a lice infestation is an itchy scalp. On closer inspection, you might see the adults crawling around, eggs and babies (called nits) stuck to the hair shaft about ½ an inch from the scalp. Severe infestations will show red bumps on the scalp where the lice have been repeatedly feeding.

Lice eggs hatch about every 7 to 10 days, which is the key to killing them. Adults die 3 days after laying eggs and nits won’t breed for 10 days. So no matter which treatment you decide to use, you will need to repeat it once a week for at least 3 weeks to ensure that you have broken the lifecycle.

Another important factor is to use a good quality lice comb. These combs will help you to remove the nits and eggs from the hair much more easily than a regular comb.

In addition to the comb, we have 12 of the best remedies that can help you avoid using those pesticide-filled shampoos and creams.

You try to live a healthy life and feed your children natural, wholesome foods. Don’t subject them to pesticides applied directly to the scalp, which will send those toxins directly into the bloodstream. Try one of the natural methods below.


1. Cheap Hair Conditioner

Cheap hair conditioner that is really thick will coat the adults, suffocating them, and it makes it almost impossible for the nits and eggs to hold on to the hair shaft. This takes some time, but is amazingly effective. Saturate your child’s dry hair with a cheap conditioner. Use a lot of it to ensure that you are coating the scalp and hair shaft. This will suffocate the adults. Put on a shower cap and let it sit for an hour. Now, use the lice comb and comb out everything you can see. This might take some time, especially if your child has long or thick hair. Now rinse. Repeat every 6 days for at least 2 more sessions or until you no longer see any eggs or nits.

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