Top 12 Herbs for Relief of Joint Pain

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If you have ever had any type of joint pain in your lifetime, you know that it’s no joke. Pain in the joints can be a debilitating condition. It sometimes occurs due to overuse such as playing sports or after years spent typing, or it can be related to an autoimmune disease, which attacks the joints or the surrounding tissue, however, joint pain is most often associated with aging.

Regardless of the root cause, if you have tried traditional medications and didn’t get the results you were looking for, or if you want to try a more natural approach, there are several herbal remedies that have the potential to address the root cause as well as stop the painful symptoms. Keep reading for the top 12 herbs that are well known for helping to manage joint pain.


1. Burdock Root

This little known herb works wonders for those with joint pain. It contains natural pain relievers, antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatories that help reduce inflammation and stop the pain that comes with arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases. Burdock root has been shown in studies to help stop the discomfort of arthritis such as the swelling, stiffening, tenderness, and pain when moving. In fact, research shows that increasing consumption of foods and supplements that are rich in essential fatty acids, such as fatty fish and avocados, can greatly help with joint pain. Burdock root has high sterol and tannin compounds, but it also is high in these essential fatty acids. This might be one reason why burdock root works so well.


2. Flax Seed Oil

Flax has been widely cultivated for more than 7,000 years for its powerful healing capabilities. This plant has strong omega-3 ALA content, which is known to fight inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids limit inflammatory reactions in the body that are caused by gout and joint pain. Consumption of flax seed oil has been proven to be effective in lessening the intensity of the sudden pain and swelling of the joints that sometimes occurs.


3. Licorice

One of the most popular herbs for joint pain is licorice. Licorice is effective because it imitates the activities of the body’s natural production of corticosteroids that help stop inflammation. Licorice also works by killing free radicals on the affected sites as well as stopping the production of enzymes that cause inflammation. Licorice works well whether you decide to consume it as a supplement or as a tea. Read also how to use licorice for tooth decay treatment.


4. Cat’s Claw

This herb is a terrific anti-inflammatory that also helps reduce the swelling that often accompanies arthritis. The use of cat’s claw goes back to the ancient Inca civilization. Cat’s claw has also been used traditionally to improve the immune system and, in recent years, the powers of immunity have been tested for those suffering with arthritis. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that, in the correct amount, cat’s claw can help with osteoarthritis pain and swelling, but they caution about taking too much as it can actually overstimulate the immune system, making arthritis pain worse.

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