Top 12 Herbs for Relief of Joint Pain

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5. Ginger

You might only think of ginger as something to stop nausea, but research shows that it is also very effective at fighting arthritis. The active ingredient in this plant, gingerols, has powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Ginger stops joint pain by preventing the formation of cytokine, a chemical that triggers inflammation. In fact, in one study that covered a 3 year period, it was found that 75 percent of the subjects who had rheumatoid arthritis had significant improvements in pain and swelling after consuming ginger supplements. You can make your own fresh tea from organic ginger root, or take capsules which contain powdered ginger.


6. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper, that spicy stuff that makes foods taste so yummy, is loaded with a pain killing compound called capsaicin. It’s an interesting mechanism. Capsaicin creates a mild irritation to the nerves, which distracts them from more intense joint pain. Repeated application of creams that contain capsaicin is well-known for significantly reducing joint pain. Due to cayenne’s anti-inflammatory compounds, it’s also thought to ease gout and digestive related pain, such as ulcers.


7. Boswellia

This tree originates in India and is loaded with analgesic, anti-arthritic, and anti-inflammatory compounds. One randomized study in 2003 evaluated the efficiency, tolerability, and safety of Boswellia extract in 15 subjects who had osteoarthritis in their knees. The researchers concluded that this herb decreased pain and the frequency of swelling, improved the ability to walk, and increased knee flexibility after only 8 weeks of use. Boswellia is also thought to prevent the invasion of inflammatory white blood cells into damaged tissue, which makes it a natural pain killer.


8. Stinging Nettle

Although the name sounds like something you would want to avoid, once you infuse this herb in hot water the rash that you would normally get from touching the plant will be neutralized. You can always buy premade tea bags at any health food store if you worry about touching the plant itself. Stinging nettle tea is often used to alleviate the pain that is linked to joint pain and gout. Studies have found that singing nettle is a safe and inexpensive method for treating joint pain.

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