Top 15 Houseplants That Clean The Air And Relieve Stress

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1.  Palms

There are numerous types of palms, all of which are excellent at removing indoor air pollution, especially formaldehyde. Palms are also very easy to care for. The best palm for removing formaldehyde is the Dwarf Date Palm, which looks very much like a miniature version of the palms you see in places like Los Angeles or Hawaii. You can also get clean air, however, from other types of palms such as lady palms, parlor palms, areca palms, and bamboo palms. All of these types of palms like cooler temperatures (between 60 and 75), so they are perfect for most households.


2.  Gerbera Daisy

These bright, colorful flowers remove benzene from the air and also absorb carbon dioxide during the day, but release oxygen at night, which makes these beautiful flowering plants perfect for bedrooms.


3.  Boston Fern

These are the standard when it comes to indoor house plants. They are beautiful, fairly easy to care for, and remove more formaldehyde than any other house plant. Boston ferns also remove other types of indoor air pollution including xylene and benzene. Boston ferns need a bit more care than some other plants, however. During the winter months, you may need to mist their leaves with water daily if humidity levels are low. They also need weekly feedings of fertilizer in the warmer months. If you love ferns but Boston ferns sound like a bit more work than you want to invest, try Kimberley Queen Ferns. This is a larger, more broad leafed fern but much easier to care for, especially if you have very dry indoor air.


4. English Ivy

When allowed to grow outdoors, English ivy can be an invasive species of vine that will tear off rain gutters and damage your home’s exterior. However, when controlled in a pot and brought indoors, English ivy becomes a pretty little formaldehyde remover. English ivy enjoys partial sun, so it’s good for growing near windows. You can put it in a pot with a small trellis or allow it to climb around a window if you like. Mist it occasionally during the dry winter months, and it will thrive.


5. Rubber Plants

If you have a dimly lit room or an office that is screaming for a little bit of nature and some cleaner air, you simply cannot go wrong with a rubber plant. Rubber plants are slow-growing beauties that need very little light and are super formaldehyde removers.

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