Want To Have Warm Feet Forever? Try This Amazing Trick!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Is there anything worse than cold feet? When your hands are cold, you can blow on them, put them inside a pocket, place them under your arms, or even sit on them. When your face is cold, you can cover it with a ski mask or even hold your coffee cup to your cheeks! But when your feet are cold, everything feels cold. Your cold toes spread to your feet, up your legs, and before you know it, your whole body feels frozen.

Your feet are generally the first thing to feel the cold. Cold weather slows the flow of blood to the extremities, and the feet are the first to suffer. This is the body’s way of survival — ensuring that the vital organs get the majority of the warm blood.

But sometimes, doesn’t it seem like no matter how warm the boots, how thick the wool socks, your feet are still cold?

We have found a solution that many people swear by. When it is cold as heck outside, try this trick!

Take your favorite pair of winter boots or shoes and pull the inserts out of them. Place these inserts on one of those car windshield reflectors and trace the outline of your insert on the shiny, aluminum side. Cut the outline with a very sharp pair of scissors or a razor blade. Place these new “inserts” into your shoes or boots with the shiny, silver side facing up and the black part facing towards the ground.

The silver, reflective material should reflect your body’s natural warmth, helping keep your feet warm and toasty. The black portion of this material acts as a natural insulation, preventing the cold from coming up through your boots.

Although this might sound too simple to actually work, many things in life are that way! Dogs are content to chase a stick and do not need an expensive $15 toy. Children are as happy playing inside a cardboard box as they are with the toy that was inside the box. So why wouldn’t some insulation and reflective material work to keep your feet warm?


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We could not find any studies to see if this actually works, but why not try it for yourself and let us know if it works or not? We would love to hear your experience.