You Won’t Believe Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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If you have been faithfully following your diet plan, exercising every day, and still not seeing the scale show a loss of a few pounds on a regular basis, something is wrong. You may think you are doing everything right, but just read these 15 reasons and find out which ones you are guilty of doing without even knowing it! Once you are aware of the thing, or things, you are not doing right you can quickly change them and be back on track and dropping weight every weigh-in.


1. Fatty liver

Food expert Ann Louise Gittleman is the successful author of the Fat Flush Diet. It made it to the New York Times bestseller list and she is adamant about obstructions we may not be aware of that are preventing us from losing weight. One of the first things she touches on is the fact that if you are guilty of having a fatty liver, your body is going to be storing fat instead of burning it. You must bring your liver back to normal before you will start to lose weight again. Using a Fat Flush will eliminate the toxins and begin correcting the liver.


2. Unprocessed bile

Bile is another problem that can affect anyone, but primarily people who have had their gallbladder removed. There are six things that can help to return the production of the bile while thinning it out. These items include beet root, choline, taurine, pancreatic lipase, collinsonia root and ox bile. You can find a product called the bile builder from a health food store that can help treat your bile and return it to normal.


3. Fluid retention

Some people are more affected by too much salt more than others. If you love salt, and use too much on your food or eat too many high sodium items, you could easily find that your ankles are swelling and you are retaining water. Cut down on your salt intake and you could easily drop some water weight right away.


4. Paying for your food with your credit card

It is a fact that when people pay cash for their food, they buy les of it and more healthy items. When they pull out a credit card, they tend to add more junk food and don’t care how much it costs because their payments will be delayed and it’s not something they have to deal with right away.

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5. Action speaks louder than words

A French study showed that people who just thought about exercising ate 50% more than they should. They figured that they would be working off whatever they ate so they jacked up their food intake because they were going to work on it later. Too bad later never came.


6. Too much stagnant sitting all day

Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia discovered that people who sat for hours on end would cease creating lipase which is an enzyme that cuts down on making fat. If you at least step away from your desk every hour, your metabolism will jump about 13%. Fidget around throughout the day and you will burn an extra 54%.


7. Not enough shut-eye

A clinical trial that was conducted and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that if you sleep less than four hours a night you will consume an extra 300 calories and over 21 extra fat grams.


8. Excess stress

If you live a stressful life, you could be producing the hormone called cortisol. This hormone is responsible for storing more fat instead of burning it. The higher the stress level the higher the visceral fat that is staying on your body.


9. Overly processed foods

Everyone knows that processed foods are filled with additives. You will always find more salt, sugar, and preservatives in processed foods which do nothing but cause you to eat more junk food. If you are serious about losing weight, start eating natural foods – regular meats, fresh fruits, and vegetables straight from the produce stand.

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10. Not enough strength training

A cardio workout is important but it is also important to strengthen your muscles by lifting weights. If you are working out regularly, you will find that your muscles are becoming leaner and your arms and legs are looking trimmer.


11. Not using a food journal

No matter what kind of diet you are on, make sure to write down everything you eat. You will be surprised at how much you are consuming if you do not keep track of it. When you do write down everything you eat, you will be surprised at how much you have been eating without realizing it.


12. Too little protein

If you are cutting down what you are eating by too much food, you could be eating too little protein. Protein keeps your blood sugar level, cuts down on your cravings as well as extra snacking and it can keep your metabolism revved up by up to 100 calories a day.


13. Too many carbs

It’s never a good thing to go completely off of carbohydrates but there is such a thing as eating too many. You can fill up on a salad with protein, fresh vegetables, and regular salad dressing rather than a sandwich using two pieces of bread that won’t do anything except keep you overweight.


14. You have eaten too little for too long

Many people have the mistaken idea that in order to lose weight they have to eat hardly anything. If you have been eating a small breakfast and skipping lunch for a while just to lose weight, when you return to eating regularly you will gain weight.


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15. Your goals are set too high

Everyone wants to lose a lot of weight fast. What happens to this theory is the longer you go without certain foods and deprive yourself so you can lose weight fast, the quicker you will cheat on your diet, binge eat, and gain everything you have lost plus a few extra pounds. Just one pound a week comes out to 52 pounds a year. Try to keep your weight loss slow and steady and you will be surprised that your weight loss will actually stay lost once and for all.