You’ll Be Surprised To Know These Tricks Are Helpful For Insomnia

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There are 8 major causes of insomnia:


1. The Way You Eat and Drink

Eating a big meal before you turn in to go to sleep could be too much to digest and can keep you up as well as leave you with heartburn. Try to stay away from caffeine around six hours before you head for bed. Alcohol is also a no-no. It can make you doze off initially but you will be wide awake before you know it and unable to fall back asleep.


2. Allergies

A study on people with asthma showed that 59 percent of those participating with nasal allergies ended up having trouble falling asleep. It was determined that those who had stuffy noses and itchy eyes from allergies were also more susceptible to suffer from insomnia.


3. Neurological Illnesses

People who suffer from any conditions of the brain, like a stroke, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s take medications that can keep them up at night. Doctors say that it is because of chemicals that may interfere with your sleep and changes that occur in different regions of the brain.


4. Restless Leg Syndrome

This condition is just as it sounds: You just can’t seem to keep your legs comfortable. Even though there is medication that can help ease this situation, a study found that those with restless leg syndrome have trouble sleeping because they have a higher level of glutamate which is a neurotransmitter that keeps your legs moving.

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