10 Facts About Flu Shots Most People Don’t Know

Flu Vaccine

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4.  Makes you more susceptible to many other diseases, including pneumonia

For people with a compromised immune system, injecting them with the influenza virus can have terrible consequences. Your body is already working to fight off other viruses almost daily, and an injection could put your body in real danger of contracting pneumonia, a more powerful version of the flu, or any other type of contagious disease.


5. Heart problems from vaccines

Several medical research studies have shown that flu vaccines are connected to an increase in vascular inflammation. Some of the symptoms of this type of inflammation are muscle aches, stiffness in the neck, arms, or shoulders, fever, jaw pain, and headaches.


6. Increased risk of developing narcolepsy

Although some people make jokes about this disease, it’s not a laughing matter for those who have it. There have been dozens of reports of children in as many as 12 different countries who have developed narcolepsy after receiving a flu shot. Between October of 2009 and December of 2011, a study compared more than 3 million Swedes who received vaccinations and 2.5 million who did not. Young people who received influenza vaccines were at a higher risk for developing this disease, and for those under 21 years of age, their risk of developing narcolepsy was 3 times higher.


7. Weakens your immune response

There are thousands of medical studies that have been published showing that vaccines can lead to dangerous immune responses, as well as a host of other types of infections. Poor immune responses only decrease your ability to fight the very disease the vaccine was supposed to protect you from to start with.

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