10 Facts About Flu Shots Most People Don’t Know

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Millions of Americans get flu shots every year, believing that they are safe. They might have heard some talk about them being bad, but why would they give them out if they weren’t safe? The scary answer to that is: yes! A flu shot actually makes healthy people more prone to catching the flu virus and, for those with a compromised immune system, the toxic ingredients can cause further damage.  The more often a person receives a flu shot, the more likely they are going to be damaged in some way, and the weaker it makes your immune system. It’s more important that you protect yourself and your family from the flu shot, rather than from the flu itself!

If you are on the fence and can’t make up your mind about getting a flu shot, read the following facts. They are undisputed and can all be easily verified.  Read on about the top 10 things almost no one knows about those annual flu vaccines.


1. The shocking facts about just how ineffective they are

In children, the CDC will tell you that the effectiveness of most flu vaccines are only about 66 percent. There is no effectiveness reports as far as adults go, since those numbers are not reported.

Also, the viral strain that is used to make a new vaccine each year is based on a guess as to which strain is going to spread and how it will mutate. This is one reason why these vaccines tend to be ineffective, because it’s based on a “best guess” scenario. When children or adults die from influenza, there are no tests done to confirm which strain was responsible. This means that there is absolutely no data to check how often vaccines are made correctly or if any particular strain or mutation could be more responsible for deaths than others.

Ultimately, this means that the public could be receiving the wrong vaccine more often than not.


2. Not vegan friendly

In flu vaccines made for 2014, it was found that they contain gelatin (which comes from animal by-products), egg protein, and sugar (which could come from a non-vegan source). Almost all flu vaccines are made from the fluid of chicken embryos inoculated with a flu virus.


3. Flu vaccines contain toxic poisons

Modern flu vaccines contain aluminum salts, which in previous studies have been shown to cause Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, and other chronic diseases. Aluminum, in any form, is toxic. Drinking from an aluminum can is very different than being injected with it directly, but it’s a well-known fact that aluminum is dangerous to the body as it accumulates.

Flu vaccines also contain formaldehyde. Yes, that same stuff you used to preserve dead things in biology class and that is used to embalm people. It’s hard to imagine anyone believing that is good for you. Some vaccines still contain mercury as well. A study now being done by Dr. Hugh Fudenberg suggests that the combination of mercury and aluminum in flu vaccines are a leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Read also how Flu Vaccine Contains More Mercury than Allowed by Law.

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  1. Anto

    Dec 18, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Yeah, not just flu shots. All vaccination can have devastating effects on a patient’s immune system. It’s an overly drastic attempt to protect people who by and large do not want to forego their unhealthy treats and live a healthy lifestyle. The same goes for all the other pharmaceutical products your doctor prescribes. There is a much better way to live disease-free, but, like government, the health system a society gets tends to be the one it deserves.

  2. badlimey

    Dec 18, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Before switching to a vegan diet, eliminating fluoride, and some other things (See Wifi a Deadly serious Health Risk on this website), I had two major heart attacks in 3 years, despite being a lifelong athlete.

    What I found interesting that both times the first thing they asked me when I regained consciousness is do I want a flu shot, NO! Well do you want a pneumonia shot NO! I have a flu and pneumonia vaccine, its called nutrition.

    This photograph was taken the day after quintuple bypass surgery in April of this year. In addition to the cardiac problems I developed severe peripheral neuropathy from statin medications and I have some physical damage to my spine from an accident while I was serving in the Army.

    Last week I saw a Harvard educated Neurosurgeon here in Corpus Christi, TX (Dr. Gleason) who told me that my regime is better than any surgical solution he could offer and even told me that he takes cumin and turmeric to stave off alzheimers which is prevalent in his family.

    On November 10th, 2014 I quit all my meds cold turkey including the opiate pain meds (Please don’t do that, I risked imminent death). For me it was a personal decision, I couldn’t move off the couch. I wanted to put a 9mm to my head but that would have been selfish, so I decided that I would roll the dice and if I died I would have died with dignity.

    I still have a significant amount of pain but I am regaining flexibility and able to walk, 90 days from now I should be able to go back to the gym. Do your homework people, there are better alternatives to shots and pills!