The Difference Between Detoxing and Fasting

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Have you ever been confused by the two term detox and fasting? Some people believe that they are pretty much the same thing but that’s not the case. There is a huge difference between the two, even though you do hear those words being used interchangeably.

To detox is to enable the body to remove toxins. Fasting is a severe restriction of calories, sometimes even to the point of NO calories being consumed with nothing more than water being consumed. A normal fasting routine means that all solid food is eliminated but lots of fluids are ingested, including juice, to help flush the body.

Some people wonder which fasting program would be best for them and the answer is whichever one suits your needs. Do plenty of research before you undertake any fasting program.


The Benefits of Fasting

If you are looking to help stop a fungal, bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection, not eating is a good way to be sure you stop feeding the infection. Fasting will “reset” your taste buds so you will enjoy your food more when your fast is complete, and not eating for a short period of time also retunes your appetite, allowing many people to stop their overeating habits once the fast is complete.

Fasting can break psychological issues with food or body weight. It can also help kick start a weight loss program by allowing people to drop water weight and some initial pounds quickly. For those who have digestion problems, drinking only water and juice for a period of time can allow the digestive system to rest and heal itself.

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