10 Home Remedies That Really Do Work

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

There are so many products on the market today that don’t do what they say they are going to do. We plunk down our hard-earned money only to find that the product is not soothing our migraine headache, alleviating our eczema, and not treating our dandruff.

Well, the good news is many of the old-fashioned remedies that keep popping up really do work. You may have a friend who will tell you what her grandmother used to do but we tend to blow it off because we want the new and improved version that we know is going to work. It looks like the remedies that have been floating around for years are still around for good reason. The following home remedies have been proven to work and some even have scientific backing. At the very least, before you run off to the store to buy the newest remedy, try one of these first, you may be surprised – and glad you did!


1. Ginger relieves nausea

It’s no coincidence that if you have an upset stomach someone will suggest you sip on some ginger ale. The power of the ginger root has long been effective in easing the effects of nausea. Today it can help pregnant women deal with morning sickness and has been able to help reduce the after effects that many cancer patients are left with after undergoing chemotherapy sessions.


2. The healing properties of honey

While you may think of honey as just a delicious accompaniment to homemade biscuits, the truth of the matter is the health benefits of honey have been recognized for centuries by the Indians, Egyptians, Chinese and Africans. While it is no longer is used to treat an amputation, a study several years that was published a pediatrics journal found that it can reduce the severity of a child’s cough. Give the child a spoonful of honey a half-hour before he goes to bed and his cough will become much less frequent. Honey has also been used to treat problem skin and aid in wound care recovery when applied topically.

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