10 Little Known Benefits of Cucumbers

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6. Healthy Joints

Besides giving you beautiful skin and hair, the silica that cucumbers contain can strengthen the connective tissue and give you better joint health. When mixed with carrots, cucumbers can reduce uric acid levels in the blood, which is important to smooth moving joints.


7. Lignans

Lignans are very beneficial plant compounds, also called polyphenols. Cucumbers have several different types of lignans, which have been connected to a reduced risk of several different types of cancer as well as a lowered risk of heart disease.


8. Flush Toxins

The water and antioxidants in cucumbers act as a sort of broom, which sweeps away waste products lurking in your body. Eaten regularly, cucumbers have been said to even dissolve kidney stones.


9. Drenches You with Vitamins

Cucumbers are literally loaded with important vitamins such as A, B, and C, which improve your immunity, load you with energy, and keep your skin radiant. They also contain great minerals for your skin including potassium, magnesium, and silicon. This is just one reason why  you see so many cucumber treatments at your local spas.


10. Helps Your Kidneys

Cucumbers lower the uric acid in your body, keeping your kidneys happy. These are one of the best known diuretic to man, encouraging the flow of urine and reduces the overall strain on your kidneys. Read what foods to avoid with kidney disease.





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