10 Secret Beauty Tricks From The Ancients Time Forgot (We Thought #2 Was A Myth!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Have you ever walked through your local supermarket, drug store, or beauty store and wondered what in the world women did before all these chemicals were concocted?

Women of ancient times had their own set of worries, true, but they were also concerned with stopping wrinkles, having beautiful hair, and looking as young as possible.

It seems as though modern women have forgotten that there are plenty of natural substances and tricks that can keep them looking great without spending a fortune on makeup and facials, or putting tons of toxic chemicals into your body via the bloodstream.

Before Botox, before concealer, before perms, our ancestors had their own ways of staying beautiful that didn’t involve a trip to the dermatologist.

Want to know what your ancestors did to look younger? Keep reading and find out 15 beauty secrets that even your grandmother probably didn’t know about.


1. Long, Shiny, Lustrous Hair

Every woman in history has wanted longer, shiny, gorgeous locks. Depending on the region, every woman had her own natural way to accomplish this. In Greece, it was popular to have lighter colored hair, so they often put lemon juice in their hair and spent a few hours in the sun each week to give themselves lighter hair or highlights. In the Middle East and ancient Egypt, henna was used to give hair a uniform color and even add highlights. Depending on the area, oils of all kinds were used to make hair stronger and shinier, including coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Chinese women used rice water, washing their hair with the water left over after boiling rice. Women there stated that they kept their beautiful black hair well into their 80s because they used rice water.

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