10 Super Ways to Deal with SAD (Seasonal Depression)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

3. Try to Relax

You might think that hibernating under the blankets on the sofa IS relaxing, but it’s really not. Try practicing some yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. Studies show that these types of relaxation techniques can change neural networks in the brain and decrease stress, depression, and anxiety. Depending on the weather, try to get outside for a nature walk.

4. Soak Up the Sun

Getting as much sunlight as you possibly can will help, especially in the mornings. Studies show that winter depression is highest when you wake up. Resist the urge to go back to bed. Get up, open the curtains, and if there is any sun at all outside, try to get some of it. The more natural sunshine you can get on your skin, the better you will feel. Read more about surprising things the sun could do for you.


5.  Use a Light Box

If you live in an especially dark locale, light boxes help as much as 50 percent of those affected with SAD. The light that comes from these specially made boxes helps the body wake up in the mornings and resets the body’s internal clock so you can sleep better at night. In fact, light boxes work so well that most people say they feel a dramatic improvement in a matter of days. Talk to your doctor about what kind of light box might work best for you.


6. Work it Out

When you are working out hard, your brain tries to override those uncomfortable feelings by telling the body to keep on keeping on. It will release hormones called endorphins, which naturally make you feel happy, even euphoric. The American College of Sports Medicine Journal did a meta-review in 2013 that seemed to suggest that exercise might be comparable to anti-depressant drugs as an effective treatment for depression. It might be hard to get started, but try to do two or three really sweaty workouts each week.

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