10 Sweet Ways Honey Can Improve Your Life

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Everyone loves the sweet taste of natural honey, but did you know that it can actually stop you from craving cigarettes? That it can improve your digestive health? Or that it can be used as a powerful health tonic? It’s true!

We can actually change our microbiology by using natural healing agents such as raw, organic honey. When we do this, we change our immune system, the way we think, and even the way we digest our food. The strength of our microbiome either permits or inhibits environmental factors that have negative effects on our organs, our blood, and even our brain function.

Raw, organic honey (not the junk they sell in supermarkets) is undeniably one of the most versatile, powerful, and unique health tonics nature provides us. It is also one of the few things that never gets old and has no “expiration” date!

Don’t forget the honey contains tons of antioxidants, which fight the damage that free radicals cause in the body. Free radical damage is one of the main sources of premature aging as well as the root cause of many diseases such as cancer, inflammatory diseases and the number one killer around the world: Heart disease. Can you imagine fighting heart disease simply by enjoying the sweet taste of honey? Healthy eating does not get much better than this!

Why do we call most supermarket honey junk? Because commercial honey has been highly processed and pasteurized, which removes the nutritive bee pollen, healthy antioxidants, and important amino acids that you are consuming honey for! Why not just swallow a tablespoon of sugar — it’s almost the same thing.

Always buy raw, organic, unpasteurized honey from local beekeepers for the best nutritive value.

Let’s look at the top 10 super sweet ways that honey can improve your life starting today!


1. Regulates Insulin

Raw, unpasteurized honey can decrease hyperglycemia and increase insulin production. Especially when you combine honey with herbs such as fenugreek seeds, diabetes just can’t find its feet! Talk to your doctor about adding some honey to your life.

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2. Feeds Gut Bacteria

There is good bacteria and bad bacteria, both in the outside world and inside our bodies. Honey helps the body to adapt and overcome dangerous pathogens by feeding the immune system’s natural defenses: Your gut bacteria. Manuka honey is the most powerful in this aspect as it has been clinically proven to kill more than 250 strains of bad bacteria including MRSA, MSSA, and many others.


3. Stops Seasonal Allergies

When you use raw honey from local bees, you can ease and then stop the cycle of seasonal allergies. Start consuming one tablespoon of raw, organic honey each day. This needs to be repeated each day for a period of at least one year to 18 months for this to work. Your body becomes accustomed to the natural pollen from local plants, and you should find that your allergies symptoms are less intense the first season and almost non-existent the second season.


4. Makes Fevers Work for You

Fevers are the body’s way of fighting infection, bacteria, or a virus. Raw honey can help to improve the medicinal compounds found in most herbal teas. This can make an annoying fever become a useful tool in fighting back against foreign invaders. Raw honey is so powerful that it can kill undesirable bacteria and fungus. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural antiseptic.

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5. Ease a Sore Throat

This is perhaps one of the most traditional ways honey is used. When a sore throat strikes due to a cold, the flu, or other types of viruses, a spoonful of honey goes a long way. You can also add some to a cup of herbal tea with lemon to stop laryngitis in its tracks.


6. Alleviates Sinus Congestion

When you have plugged sinuses, everything seems to hurt. You can drain your sinuses naturally by mixing a tablespoon or so of raw, organic honey with a cup of ginger or burdock root tea and breathing in the steam while you drink.


7. Speeds Recovery and Fights Viruses

At the first sign of a cold or the flu, use honey early and often. Honey mixed in herbal tea or simply swallowed by the spoonful will help to kill the virus and allow you to get the rest you need by alleviating sore throats and stopping those nagging coughs that keep you awake at night.

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8. Stops Coughs

As we mentioned, honey is a terrific way to stop that tickle in your throat that keeps you (and everyone in the house) up all night long. You can mix some honey and lemon juice to stop that cough or add some lemon juice and honey to a cup of chamomile tea for a good night’s rest.


9. Stop Urinary Tract Infections

Because honey contains powerful antibacterial compounds, this makes it perfect for treating those annoying and painful urinary tract infections. Honey also encourages the growth of the good type of bacteria in your digestive tract, which can help with your long term immune system support.


10. Heals Wounds Quickly

Before antibiotics, honey was used to heal wounds quickly, kill infections, and prevent scarring of the skin. Manuka honey is the most powerful type when it comes to fighting bacteria, but any type of raw, organic honey will do the trick.

Honey is loaded with phytonutrients that help to protect plants from harm and provide humans with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Because honey is made from the pollen of various plants, is it any wonder why it is so healthy for us?

The exact ingredients in honey will depend greatly on which plants the bees are collecting pollen and nectar from, but most honey has powerful antibacterial, antivirus, and anti-inflammatory compounds that make it perfect for fighting disease while keeping us healthy.


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Support your local bee farmer and buy raw, organic, unpasteurized honey and keep yourself healthy by indulging in this treat often. How sweet it is!