10 Terrific Tips To Stop Those Junk Food Cravings

stress and headache

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3.  Ask Yourself, Am I Stressed Out?

When you feel that urge for potato chips or cookies, stop for one second and ask yourself how you are feeling.

Mnay people find comfort in certain foods. When you eat junk foods in response to certain feelings, you make a very powerful connection between your brain and this food. Remember the conditioning of Pavlov’s dogs? It works the same way.

The food you eat in response to a negative situation tells your brain that this is the soulution to an unpleasant emotion or experience. That’s why you crave Ben and Jerry’s after every fight with your husband!  How can you avoid this? P

lay some upbeat music to distract yourself, or go for a walk.

Tell yourself you are going to wait 20 minutes and if you still want that Cherry Garcia, you can have it. Most food cravings only last about 10 minutes.

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