10 Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally

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Even though women do have testosterone, it is mainly the hormone that is associated with a number of conditions in men. While, in this respect, the main focus is on a man’s sex drive. Muscle mass and hair growth are important issues too. There are also some health issues that are just as important. Testosterone plays a part in the density of the bones, functioning of the red blood cells, as well as a general feeling of well-being.

When men turn 30 years of age, their testosterone levels start their descent and continue to decline throughout the years. There are a number of things that affect low testosterone levels in men, such as prescription medicine. First, have your doctor order a blood test on you to determine how low this hormone is. If it comes out that you are advised to boost your testosterone, check out the 10 ways you can approach the subject more naturally before you have to add another medication to your regime.


1. Make sure you add zinc daily.

Studies have shown that adding zinc to the diet increases their testosterone levels dramatically. One of the studies has shown that around 45 percent of people aged 60 or older had zinc levels that were lower than the suggested amount. Zinc deficiency was linked with testosterone levels in these men. You should have your level of zinc checked out by your physician. If you already know your level is too low you can make sure you get around 40 mg of zinc a day. That is the recommended limit for adults. Foods that are rich in zinc include fish and meat as well as raw milk, cheese, yogurt, and beans.

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2. Exercise often.

Certain types of exercises have been found to increase your testosterone level. According to miscellaneous research reports, people who regularly exercised had higher levels of testosterone. Elderly men found that their fitness and reaction times were increased as well as their testosterone levels. Weight lifting is one type of exercise that is able to work for those with low testosterone. A high intensity exercise program is also effective.


3. Lose weight.

A research study was shared with the 2012 meeting of the Endocrine Society that showed if you lose weight your testosterone levels will increase. You should reduce your consumption of sugar and fructose, as well as milk, in your diet. Refined carbohydrates such as cereal, bagels, pretzels, and waffles can leave you with insulin resistance. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean protein.

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4. Maintain the correct vitamin D level.

Vitamin D is very important to males as it helps keep the sperm quality and the count high. If you want to raise vitamin D levels in your body, just spend around 15 minutes outside every day.


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5. Reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Stress seems to be the reason for many health issues and reduced testosterone is no different. When you lead a stressful life, (and it goes on for a long period of time), your body produces higher amounts of cortisol, which in turn reduces testosterone. It is suggested that you meditate, take a yoga class, and do everything you can to remain calm and stop sweating over the small stuff.


6. Perform strength-training exercises.

If you haven’t lifted weights before or haven’t exercised in a while, start with a set of low hand or ankle weights. Just do a few repetitions working up to 10 to 12 reps for each exercise to make one set. Start out with one set for each area you are working out. Work up to 12 reps for each set and 3 reps for each area.


7. Eat fats that are healthy.

Whenever we go on a diet, one of the first things we do is cut down drastically on fat. It’s okay to cut down on fat, but you should never stop using it completely. It is recommended that you eat fats that are high in monounsaturated fats like nuts, avocados, and fish. A study showed that the people who ate the highest amount of good fats had the highest levels of testosterone.

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8. Eat carbs, protein, and fats.

Whether you are on a weight reducing diet or you just want to eat correctly, you must include fats, carbs, and protein to your eating plan. Cutting back in any one area will just add to an imbalance that could lower your testosterone level.


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9. Take testosterone boosters.

There are just a few natural boosters that can help with your testosterone levels. The most popular to mention is ginger extract.


10. Get a good night’s sleep.

Even though many authorities say you must get 8 hours of sleep each night, everyone has their own specific number of hours that work for them. A study showed that those who slept only 5 hours each night ended up with a testosterone levels that were 15% off the correct rage. In another study researchers found that your testosterone level could increase by 15% or more for every extra hour you sleep.

With all said above the conclusion is simple: Eat a healthy balanced diet combined with your exercise plan and you will soon see an increase in your testosterone levels.