10 Ways You Are Ruining Your Immune System

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Staying healthy and avoiding the flu isn’t just about avoiding those coughing, sneezing co-workers or using a gallon of hand sanitizer every week, it’s the little things that really make a difference. Our personal relationships at home or how many nights we stay up surfing Facebook are what can impact our bodies the most. Check out these seemingly 10 seemingly harmless little habits that are just killing your immune system and what you can do instead.


1. Chronic Stress

We’re talking about on-going, every day, non-stop stress; not just the occasional scrap with your kids or a bad day at work ,but continual stress, it actually takes a huge toll on your overall health, including your immune system.

Periods of chronic stress results in sluggish response from your T-cells, those immune system good guys that fight off diseases, as well as overall diminished capacity for your immune system to respond to viruses or other illnesses. Find out 10 top things that bring on chronic stress.

It’s been documented that widowers and widows get sick much more often during the first year after their spouse passes away then others their same age who did not suffer the loss of their spouse.

What can you do?

Well, it’s easy to say take a bath, light a scented candle, but those things generally don’t work for long. As soon as you are out of the bath, the stress is back. Exercise is the most effective way to truly relieve your body of stress. Yoga, walking, running, dancing, anything that gets you moving and gets your mind off the problem.

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