Top 10 Things that Bring On Chronic Stress

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Stress is a completely normal physical response to incidences in your life that, for whatever the reason makes you feel threatened or afraid. When your brain feels that the situation you are in is dangerous, whether it’s real or not is unimportant to your mind, then your body goes into self-preservation mode. Your heart will pound faster, and as a result, your blood pressure rises, your heart quicken, your muscles will tighten up. All these things happen as your body prepares itself for that fight, flight, or freeze course of action.

Unfortunately, your body cannot tell the difference between stress from your overly demanding boss, that almost car wreck you barely missed, or if you are about to be eaten by a bear. There are some stressful situations in life that simply cannot be avoided; however, there are other triggers that will hype up your stress level without you even being aware of them. Here is a list of the top 10 stress events that you need to avoid or find ways of solving.


1. A Negative World Outlook

Are you the optimist or the pessimist? Do you constantly see the what if’s? What if you lose your job? What if your spouse leaves you? What if terrorists take over the country tomorrow? What if you miss that big shoe sale?  If those are the kinds of messages you are feeding yourself on a regular basis then it’s no wonder your body is feeling that flight or fight response. Were you aware that people with an optimistic view of life have a 77 percent lower risk of heart disease than those who classify themselves as pessimists?

Start nipping those negative thoughts in the bud and think of all the good things that can happen. Whether you think negatively or positively, the amount of work is the same, so why not think those good thoughts?

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