10 Ways You Can Stop Eating Fast Foods Now

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We are all busy and many of us rely on fast food restaurants to eat on a regular basis. Some places are worse than others and many are even taking a chance at adding healthier choices to their menus. But whenever you are relying on a fast food chain to get your nourishment your health is going to suffer.

It seems like every day they find some product in a restaurant that is being recalled. We are at the mercy of a fast food environment. Once in a while is one thing, but if you go to a fast food restaurant at least once a day you may find yourself in trouble.

What happens to your body if you stop eating fast foods. If you make up your mind that you are going to stop eating at fast food joints and you are going to begin eating better, you will be on your way to a healthier life. Here is what you can expect when you stop eating junk food:

  • Less calories. Because fast food is larger in quantity you will find yourself returning to normal portions. Some single meals at a fast food place have as many calories as you should be eating for a full day. Once you start eating less you will immediately drop a few pounds.
  • Less salt. Everyone knows that fast foods are overflowing with sodium. When you eat too much salt you will begin to retain fluids. This will in turn keep your blood pressure elevated which is not healthy at all. High blood pressure is responsible for causing heart attacks and strokes. As soon as you return to eating normally, you will lose water weight and your blood pressure should return back to normal.
  • Less sugar. Just about every food offered at a fast food restaurant is brimming with sugar or is in the high glycemic index. This means it is sugary enough to attract your taste buds in the first place but the problem is your sugar levels will spike and put you at risk for wanting more. When you switch to natural foods, your blood glucose levels should return back to normal and you will find you are no longer pre-diabetic.
  • Less fat. Just about everything you eat from a fast food place is fried. The fats used are saturated and in high quantities. This type of fat is what drives your bad, or LDL cholesterol, through the roof. Hardening of the arteries due to plaque that clogs your arteries can put you at risk for cardiovascular diseases. As soon as you start eating lower fat items, as well as foods prepared using the right fats, your health will return to normal and you will have more energy.

Okay, you have made a decision to stop eating fast food and put your life and your health back on track. Quitting fast food is not an easy thing but once you get started you will feel so much better you will never want to go back to eating unhealthy again. Start with little steps, but here are some ways to get you started. Here are the 10 ways to give up eating fast food.


1. Start with breakfast

Breakfast is an easy meal to start with. Prepare some hard-boiled eggs, make yourself some low-fat muffins, or grab some Greek yogurt and fill it with fresh fruit. All of these items already sound better than what you would get at a fast food restaurant.

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