10 Ways You Can Stop Eating Fast Foods Now

Healthy Lunch Ideas: 3 Vegan Sandwiches Video

2. Build up a stash of healthy snacks

To make sure that you aren’t tempted to pick up a quick order of fries because you are hungry make sure to keep some walnuts or almonds on hand, fresh fruit, and string cheese. All will provide you with protein that will fill your hunger and keep your blood sugar even.


3. Plan your meals in advance

Know what you want in advance. A turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, a small chef salad, or fresh fruit and cottage cheese will have you looking forward to your next meal.


4. Give yourself a healthy treat as a reward

Treat yourself to one goodie each day. You can choose from chocolate covered almonds, a single biscotti with your coffee, or a piece of fruit that is in season.


5. Make sure you have some healthy foods frozen as a backup

Whenever you are making your meals, save any leftovers and freeze them so you have them ready in a pinch. Being able to grab and go in the morning will ensure that you will have a great lunch to enjoy later.


6. Plan one day a week to prep your meals

Many people take one day a week and do their shopping as well as prep their foods for their meals. When you clean your veggies for your salads and package everything in zip lock bags, you can put together a healthy chef or fruit salad together in just minutes. Have your salad dressings already saved in small containers and you can put together your lunch faster than going to a drive through.

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