11 Dangerous Toxins That Are Harming Your Thyroid

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There are perhaps millions of people in Americans with low thyroid symptoms. Still others show the symptoms of an underactive thyroid only to be told by their doctor that their test results are normal. Symptoms might include fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, irritability, and/or brain fog. The one thing most doctors never look at is the toxins that permeate our environment.

These toxins might be synthetic or they might occur naturally, but toxins are one part of our lives that cannot be ignored. Here are the top common 11 toxins that might the underlying problem of your thyroid issue.


1. Antibacterial Products

Almost all antibacterial soaps, lotions, even toothpastes, contain a chemical called triclosan. Although some studies have shown small amounts of this chemical is safe to use, there is growing evidence that this chemical interrupts the body’s hormones and, therefore, affects thyroid function. Soaps are antibacterial in and of themselves and adding triclosan is simply redundant. Look for soaps and lotions that don’t contain triclosan.


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2. Perchlorates

The Center for Disease Control says that almost everyone on earth have perchlorates in their bodies. Perchlorate is a byproduct when they produce fuels for jets and rockets, fireworks and airbags. Unfortunately this toxin is not in our drinking water, which is then used to water our food sources. A study done by the CDC says that there is a direct link between perchlorate levels and the hormones in your thyroid. It’s difficult to avoid all perchlorates, but you can limit your exposure by always drinking filtered water and eating organic fruits and vegetables.


3. Heavy Metals

All heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum and lead, all cause your body to release antibodies, which can lead to autoimmune thyroid issues such as Grave’s disease. Acute poisoning would show up in blood test, this type of contamination can only show in a urine test. Again, in today’s environment, it’s difficult to avoid all heavy metals, but you can remove some of these by eating a healthy diet and avoiding vaccines that contain mercury, such as conventional flu shots.

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