15 Ways to Help Your Body Fight Toxins

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You are being exposed to toxins and chemicals every single day of your life. Unfortunately the world has reached the point where your food, water, and even the air we breathe is contaminated.

Although our bodies have terrific detoxification systems, it is still advisable to remove as many of these poisonous toxins from your environment as possible so that your system does not become overloaded with so many toxins that it can no longer efficiently remove them.

Here is a list of 15 easy ways you can remove, or at least limit, the amount of toxins in your life and in your very body itself.


1. Control Dust Inside Your Home

Ok, maybe you read this on a Martha Stewart house cleaning tip but seriously, dust is a lot more dangerous than you think. Dust in your home picks up everything, chemicals, lead, pesticides, and fire retardants.

Besides aggravating your allergies, dust in your house can pick up chemicals and pollutants that have been lying dormant for years.

Replace carpets and consider tile or wood floors instead. If this isn’t possible, vacuum frequently and thoroughly. Don’t forget those corners, under the beds, and move furniture to get all the dust hiding underneath.

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