12 Almost Unbelievable And Outrageous Benefits Of Lemon Water

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

7. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, drinking lemon water can help you tremendously. Lemon juice will cleanse the lymph system and help to keep the body hydrated. Lemons also have more potassium than grapes. Potassium removes salt from the body, which can lead to lower overall blood pressure levels. Never stop taking your blood pressure medication without speaking to your doctor first, but drinking lemon water regularly might just help you lower your blood pressure so that you need less medication.


8. Superior Immune System Support

Vitamin C is vital to the immune system, so drinking lemon water will improve the immune system while helping the body fight off viruses and bacteria. Lemon improves our ability to absorb iron, which is also important for the immune system function. The antimicrobial compounds in lemon juice will help keep infections outside of your body, where they belong!


9. Stops Throat Infections

Lemons contain powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial compounds which make them perfect for fighting throat infections, sore throats, and tonsillitis. Those who consume lemon water at least once each day are at a lower risk of developing these types of infections in the first place. If you have a sore or scratchy throat, try gargling with some warm lemon water three times a day and watch that problem just disappear!

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