12 Cancer Causing Food Substitutes

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

3. Instead of the Typical “Dirty” Produce

A 2009 study found that when pregnant women drank water contaminated with atrazine, their babies had reduced body weights.  Were you aware that the sewage from cities in the USA (nicely called bio solids) is used in the fields of farms in the USA as a form of fertilizer?  You will never find organic food being cultivated in composted human sewage waste!

Conventional foods are also subjected to an enormous amount of these types’ chemicals as well as hormones, to make the fruit and veggies grow bigger. Apples are probably the worst offenders with pesticides showing on more than 98 per cent of all apples tested. Fruits with a 90 per cent positive rate of pesticide residue included oranges, strawberries, and grapes. Washing fruit does not remove 100 per cent of the residue.

Pesticides are toxic chemicals to insects as well as human beings. Almost all produce sold in the USA is contaminated in some way with pesticides and dangerous fertilizers that even washing does not remove. Did you know that when monkeys are offered a regular banana and an organic banana, even if they look exactly the same, they will always choose the organic banana? Perhaps we should take a cue from our monkey friends and always, always choose produce that says organically grown.

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